If you are starting your own jewellery making business a kiln and a barrel polisher/ tumbler are great investments. They can save time and also ensure a professional finish to your work every time.

The Paragon SC series of kilns are plug-in, table top kilns which can be used for beads, standard and dichroic glass, enamels and china painting as well as for firing Art Clay and PMC. There are 4 different sizes of kiln but the most popular is the SC-2 which is the one Clarise Jewellery School recommends. It fires unto 1095°C and is a front opening ceramic fibre with digital programmer. The Paragon SC-2 comes in four versions: the SC-2 with a plain door, the SC-2B with a bead-annealing door, the SC-2W with a heat-resistant glass viewing-window, and the SC-2BW with a bead-annealing door and a heat-resistant glass viewing-window. Some bronze and copper clays need to be embedded in charcoal granules in a stainless steel container and the SC-2 is large enough to hold a one litre container.

 The Paragon SC-2 and the SC-2BW

 The specifications for the full range of Paragon SC Kilns

Barrel Polishers/Tumblers  

Electric Tumblers are used for polishing jewellery and metals as well as smoothing and polishing glass, rocks, and stones. In particular they are very popular for putting a final shine onto anything made from metal clays. For polishing metals you will need a tumbler body, a removable barrel, shot, and cleaner. Shot is the generic name for the small metal shapes used to polish and burnish. It should be a mix of different sized balls, planetoids, pins, and rods. As the drum rotates, the mixed metal-shapes repeatedly fall onto the material in the drum and this gradually hardens, polishes and burnishes the surface of the metal.

Clarise Jewellery School recommends the 'Kitiki Rotary Tumbler Kit'. It consists of an electric motor base, a 950gm rubber barrel, 1000gms of mixed-shape rust-resistant stainless-steel shot, and 225cc of barrelling compound to keep the drum and your work clean.


Clarise Jewellery School can advise you on the kiln and tumbler most suitable for your needs and arrange payment by credit card and delivery of your equipment. For the latest prices and to order please contact Denise on 0113 2576380/ 07971527141.